FAQS | Banka Kombetare Tregtare



  1. As a company (business customer) can I use BKT Smart Invest?
No. For the moment it is only for individual customers.
  1. What is minimum amount to start invest via BKT Smart Invest?
The minimum amount to start invest is 5,000 EUR.
  1. In which currency can I invest, add money on Smart Invest?
You can add money in EUR only. Deposit on market, exchange will be done inside marketplace.

You need to open an EUR account, you can open EUR account via digitals channels or in branch;
  1. Can I withdraw money back?

Yes. You can withdraw your money back by clicking Withdraw under Smart Invest submenu. For the closed position min 1 transaction is mandatory to withdraw money, only one time from the beginning.
  1. Is there any fee commission for the transaction?
Depending on transaction type and country, commissions will be applied and confirmation will be asked before the transaction.
  1. Is it risky, may I lose money from trading or investing?
Yes. Before investing you should know the products and should follow the financial market. Depending on product type, risk and return may vary, you may lose money.
  1. Can I use leverage?
Yes. You can use leverage, but we are giving limited leverage option to limit risks. The leverage may vary depending on the product.
  1. Is there any commission to add or withdraw money?

No, all money transactions between Smart Invest and your account are free.

  1. Can I use the platform in Albanian language?
No, for the moment you can use the platform in English and Italian.