Contact Center

Contact Center

Banka Kombëtare Tregtare comes in market with a new channel of getting information and performing transactions, through Contact Center. Contact Center gives you the opportunity to have a general information on your products in BKT and the products and services BKT offers, apart from existing communication channels such as email address or, Whatsapp Service +355674000018, Internet Branch from “Contact” menu, BKT Smart application from “Request” menu , BKT Official Website etc., but even from IVR service where you can get information on your accounts and credit cards without contacting the agent or performing financial transactions only by contacting customer service number +355 (0)4 2266 288 at the place and time you want, via Telephone Banking.

Note: The Bank based on the Law no. 9887, dated 10 March 2008, amended to "Personal Data" and to be more transparent with its customers, announces that the structure of Contact Center service will contact all customers who has reported a problem/an issue, or as response to complaints/ suggestions. This call made from the Contact Center service will be registered.

This is 24 hours a day service, in 7 days of the week.

By contacting BKT Contact Center and after the verification steps required from IVR or our agents, you can:

  1. Find information and perform transactions according your bank accounts:
    • Your account balances
    • Your account activity
    • Verification of transactions
    • Sending account statements
    • Opening Current/ Saving Accounts or Deposits
    • Closing Deposits
  2. Transferring funds:
    • Between your accounts, or
    • Internal transfers, between accounts in BKT
  3. Find information about credit and debit cards issued by BKT:
    • Get information about your credit card account and card limits.
    • Get information about your account statement for you credit card
    • Change the automatic payment limit or online limit of your credit card
    • Cash advance from your Credit Card Limit
    • Pay your or others Credit Card issued by BKT
    • Get information about your credit/ debit cards last transactions
    • Get information about your credit/ debit cards status
    • Report a lost or stolen credit/ debit card
    • Report a found credit/ debit card
    • Report a problem with your credit/ debit card
  4. Find information about BKT Internet Branch service/ BKT Smart application:
    • Get information about registration steps in Internet Branch/ BKT Smart
    • Get information about usage of Internet Branch/ BKT Smart
    • Report a problem about the registration/ login steps in Internet Branch/ BKT Smart
    • Report a problem with transaction performing through Internet Branch/ BKT Smart
    • Make a request to close the usage of these channels
    • Make a request to reactivate the usage of these channels
  5. Make payments from your account:
    • Utility bills payment
    • Create/ modify/ close automatic bill payments
    • Traffic Fines payments
    • Exchange Money
  6. Find Information about BKT ATM-s
    • Get informed of the nearest BKT ATM
    • Report a problem of a BKT ATM
  7. Find Information about BKT Branches
    • Get informed about branches operation hours
    • Get informed about branches address
    • Get informed about branches contact telephone numbers
  8. Report a suggestion about products and services offered by BKT
  9. Report a complaint about products and services offered by BK
  10. Get informed about last BKT products and services campaigns