Trade Sector

Trade Sector

The trade environment is constantly changing and evolving while the global marketplace remains intensely competitive. Retailers and wholesalers face enormous challenges to effectively manage their increasing risk exposures across developing technologies, new geographies, and extended supply chains.We welcome every opportunity to discuss your financial needs and help you with the loan selections that best suits your specific requirements. We offer very competitive terms and conditions especially for Overdrafts and Working Capital loans in ALL currency. Trade Sectoris the biggest contributor to the Albanian GDP having the highest number of companies, volumes and sales. In BKT we trust on trade sector has the highest loan share

  • Planning and Analysing your business sales projections based on your real capacities,
  • Analysing your short, medium and long terms needs for financing,
  • Use our market expertise to help you plan on new emerging markets.

What can we finance:

Inventory Loan: Through this type of financing, BKT makes available the funds for the purchase of inventory or working capital financing. With BKT's support, business can move forward without any shortage.

General Conditions:

  • Amount & Currency: Depending on the business needs
  • Loan repayment period - up to 3 years, with monthly instalment payment and right of refinancing.
  • Guarantee - Real estate mortgage / pledge of equipment or technology lines.

With disbursement of the loan, payments are transferred to the accounts of the suppliers by invoices

Working Capital Loans (Revolving Line) and Overdraft:

Through this type of financing you can have liquidity in the shortest time for your suppliers. You can disburse in parts the total limit and repay the amount within maximum one year

Revolving Line General Terms and Conditions:

  • Repayment period of credit - short up to 12 months. You can choose to mature according to your needs.
  • Maximum loan amount, depending on your business,
  • Guarantee - real estate mortgage / mortgage of equipment or technology lines,
  • The immediate use of the approved limit,
  • You can benefit from low interest rate if you choose ALL Currency,
  • With disbursement of the loan, the payments are transferred to the accounts of the suppliers according to the invoices / situations / preventives

Overdraft General Terms and Conditions:

  • Maturity Term - Up to 12 months (Renewable by the Bank's Approval Authority)
  • Maximum Amount - 30% of annual turnover. In cases where the customer has only overdraft in BKT, the maximum limit can go up to 40% of the annual turnover,
  • Payment Method - Monthly Interest and principal at maturity,
  • You can benefit from low interest rate if you choose ALL Currency
  • Guarantee: the real estate mortgage.

MICRO & SME Express Overdraft Terms and Conditions:

  • The overdraft amount will be up 2,000,000 ALL,
  • Interest Rate starting from 10% p. a
  • Maturity: 12 months
  • Administrative Fee: 0.5% p. a
  • Guarantee: No real Estate Requirement only personal surety of shareholders