7 needed question we have to make before buying a house

7 needed question we have to make before buying a house

Buying a house in Albania, like in many other countries in the world is one of the most mayor life investments that a person or a family can do. This is the exact reason why we need to be well informed and attentive in every step we take prior to commit this investment.

It often happens that we can be taken away from the excitement of buying a house and we neglect many issues that result to be very crucial in the process of buying a house. Except from the size we want, the price, the location, that are the first important things we are looking for, there are many other things that serve us to make a complete fulfillment on what we buy and the benefits we may have.

For example:

  1. Prior to signing the contract in buying a house we must ensure that the current owner hasn’t left it as collateral and that owns the house mortgage. Even though the owner provides us with this information, we must still check on it.
  2. Before deciding on buying the house, we should visit it in different hours of the day. If we can’t do that due to our daily obligations and work, we should ask the owner how many hours a day the sun hits the house. This provides us information’s that helps us to approximately calculate how much energy we need for heating.
  3. Another important issue, is to ask for information’s regarding any reparation that has been made in that house, on anything starting from heating system (if there is one), windows, doors or other electrical or hydrant installations.
  4. We should also check closely the location of the house and the possible noises on its surroundings. If the house is located in a surrounding that does not respect the rest hours, or the high music voice of the bars continues until after midnight, it might sound as a good solutions, but later it would be totally wrong (to get a loan for long term, to pay years, and to regret on the choice you make, it does not sound that well).
  5. It’s a good solution also to ask for electric energy payments documents. We can calculate approximately how much will cost the monthly expenses on energy (especially if the number of people that inhabited the house coincide with the number of family members). Although it may sound like a not such an important information, it is always good to have a balance on everything.
  6. Leaks and humidity are one of the most main problems, which we must check when buying a house.  We must ask the owner and to check in detail the walls and ceilings. It would be convenient that for this problems to also ask neighbors around. 
  7. Before ceiling the arrangement it’s good to ask for the common square meter prices that are in the area of the house we want to buy, to conclude on the possible problems the house has or may have, and as the final step to try to negotiate with the owner on lowing the price (always if it’s possible).

By following this short recommendations, we raise our chances and become more predisposed on making the right choices.

Arlon LIKO

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