Suggestion & Complains

Suggestion & Complains

Banka Kombëtare Tregtare is aiming to reach as much as possible the clients requirements and expectations. We believe that together we can find the ways to have an open communication. While positive comments are welcome, we assure you that any suggestion or complaint will receive the maximum attention from our part.

Suggestion will be considered any proposal, presentation of an idea or opinion that may affect the improvement of the products or services offered, making them more suitable to current requirements or needs.

Complaint will be considered the expression of dissatisfaction, assertion on the disapproval of a product or service that BKT offers, a claim against a product or service sent through enabled channels,  in a situation that can be verified.

To make our products and services reach the level of your expectations, you can send your complaint / suggestions using the channels below. For a faster follow up and response to your case, please, provide all the information you have with accurate and complete details.

What should I include in my complaint?

  1. Your name and surname;
  2. A telephone number or an address for correspondence or e-mail;
  3. Description of the complaint with accurate and complete details and your expectations;

Which are the ways to contact with BKT in cases of a complaint or suggestion?

  • E-mail

    ​​You can send an e-mail at or related to your complaint or suggestion.

  • Call Center

    You can contact our customer service at +355 42 266 288 every day, 24 hours. Our staff will try to find an appropriate solution to your problem or transfer your complaint to the Customer Care Unit for a more efficient or technical response.

  • Webpage Form

    You can send your complaint or suggestion through the link:

Suggestion & Complain Form

  • Direct mail

    For any complaint or suggestion, you can send a letter to the below address:
    Rruga e Vilave, Lundër 1,
    Tiranë, Shqipëri
    Kodi Postar 1045

Please, enclose a copy of your ID with the letter you will send in the address mentioned and all the supportive documents (photocopy).

  • Internet banking  / BKT Smart

    On BKT Smart and Internet Banking there is a dedicated menu where you can report complaints or suggestions. From the Internet Branch to the "Contact" Menu, you can select the option "complaint" or "advice" and send your complaint or suggestion.
    From BKT Smart version for Android and IOS, you can go to Menu Notifications and Requests / My Requests. In BKT Smart you can read the answer by going to the same Menu and clicking on your report, read the answer and you can also send feedback.

  • Social media

    You can send your feedback using Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin. On the web version of facebook it is created a dedicated menu for this reports. You can click at Menu More – Complain / Suggestion and after filling the form, the information can be sent.

How long it takes to receive an answer?

For complaints related to situation that can be verified, the responsible unit for managing complaints will send a response within 15 business days (from the moment that the complaint is received from the unit that is responsible for complaints). All other suggestions will be sent to the relevant structures to be considered further.

Note:The Bank, based on the Law no. 9887, dated 10 March 2008, amended to "Personal Data" and to be more transparent with its clients, announces that the calls made from the complaints/suggestion unit in response of the complaints received will be registered.

How will BKT proceed with my complaint?

The information reported will be sent to the respective complaints/suggestions unit to be followed.

When the client reports a complaint/suggestion agrees that within his/her knowledge all the information provided is true and accurate and also agrees that with the purpose of proceeding effectively with the complaint/suggestion and making the necessary verifications, the information reported can be shared with other structures within Banka Kombetare Tregtare or other institutions under the legal framework that allows it.

If necessary, the client, within 15 business days can be contacted for other information or documents that can be needed related to the complaint.

Banka Kombetare Tregtare may publish examples of discontent/irregularities based on real complaints but will always respect confidentiality and will not misuse clients’ personal information.

Banka Kombëtare Tregtare informs that your complaint will be followed with priority and responsibility. Also, be informed that you can follow your complaint with other institutions as forecast by Albanian Legislation.