My Child Deposit

Growing up together!

In BKT, savings for your children earn value every day.

“Fëmija Im” Deposit is the best gift that you can make to your child when he or she is 18 years old.

Hurry up to open “Fëmija Im” Deposit from the birth up to the age of 14 year old.


“Fëmija Im” Deposit can be opened only by the parents of the child or the legal guardian by showing:

  • Child ‘s Birth Certificate or copy of Passport
  • Child’s Family Certificate
  • Personal Identification Document of the parent or of the legal guardian
  • Opening amount of  10’000 ALL / 100 EUR

For every “Fëmija Im” Deposit opened in the month of child birth (regardless of the year of birth), BKT will offer in the child Deposit on his birthday 500 ALL/ 5 EUR as gift. 

Credit Money

Anyone can deposit or transfer money to “Fëmija Im” Deposit anytime and any amount. 

Saving is easier with Standing Instruction, from your current account to “Fëmija Im” Deposit. The amount you choose will be transferred automatically every month to “Fëmija Im” Deposit without the necessity of your presence to the Bank.

Through “Internet Branch” or BKT Smart you can make transfers from wherever you are.


ALL Currency, Interest 6-months Treasury Bills (refer to interest rates bulletin).

EUR Currency, Interest of 6 month Time Deposit (refer to interest rates bulletin_).

Interest will be calculated over the daily balance and will be credited on the account at the end of each calendar year. In this way by increasing the amount, the interest is increased as well.


The parents or the legal guardian can get account statement any time. Statement shows each transaction performed and balance after each transaction, including interests’ credited until that moment.


“Fëmija Im” Deposit is a long term saving account, which cannot be used before the child is 18 years old. The Deposit matures when the child becomes 18 years old. On that day, he/she earns the right to operate with this Deposit with/without the presence (confirmation) of the parents or the legal guardian. The client, considered as an adult, has full volition to make transaction on the funds of Femija im Deposit. Savings from “Fëmija Im” Deposit can be used for:

  • University expenses
  • For a better life
  • To make a dream come true
  • For a safer future

Deposits in the Bank are insured up to the amount 2,500,000 (two million five hundred thousand) ALL from the Deposit Insurance Agency.

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