Current Account

Current Account

Your Daily usage Account which offers you flexibility with several way to access to your bank.


You can use the current account for various banking operations:

  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • Transfers within and outside the country
  • Payments to third parties
  • Bill payments
  • Direct Debit (automatic bill payments)
  • Standing Instruction (in fix amounts, within BKT)
  • Loan Payment
  • Credit Card payment

Access your account through:

  • Branches/ Filial of BKT
  • "Internet" Branch
  • BKT Smart
  • ATM of BKT and other banks through BanKomaT debit card

Pay cash from your account through:

  • Banking cheque


  • Flexibility: Deposit and withdraw any time, at each branch in Albania wherever you are with "Internet" Branch.
  • Transparency: Get informed for your account balance and transactions anytime.
  • Commodity: Free yourself from carrying cash. With debit card withdraw cash from ATM and make payment for purchases through POS.


  • Free Debit Card - Maestro or Visa Electron. The debit card is your new wallet. You can withdraw money 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and can pay wherever you see the logo of Master Card/Visa. In our ATMs, you can withdraw ALL or EUR, not only from the main account but from other 3 accounts as well, which you can link to the card.
  • "Internet" Branch – The Bank in your computer!
  • BKT Smart – The Bank in your smart phone!
  • Free Direct Debit – automatic bill payments. You do not have to stress from month to month because the Bank will pay the bills for you.
  • Standing Instruction in fix amounts for paying rent, school fee, membership fee, loan payment, savings, etc., directly from current accounts.
  • Outgoing and incoming transfers, inside and abroad the country with competitive commissions.

How to open a current account?

  • Apply at each branch of BKT by showing identification document*.
  • Moreover, if you are already a client of BKT you can open your accounts yourself, by using "Internet" Branch.

Based on the law "For Deposit Insurance" no. 53/2014 dated 22.05.2014, accounts and deposits in BKT are insured up to the amount 2,500,000 (two million five hundred thousand) ALL from the Deposit Insurance Agency -