Voluntary Private Pension

Voluntary Private Pension Fund

Through BKT SMART and Internet Branch, you can apply at any time for voluntary private pension plans and perform the payment of contributions to the dedicated pension fund, with 0 commission. This is a new service offered by BKT, in cooperation with several Pension Fund Administration Companies.

Every working-age customer has the right to voluntarily open a private pension plan for himself and contribute to it in specified amounts (higher than 1,000 all) either manually or automatically (e.g., every month). These assets will be invested by the fund management company according to an investment policy described in the Fund informative Prospectus document of each Fund.

Also, all individual customers, users of BKT SMART and Internet Branch, have the opportunity to perform the payment of contributions to pension fund for themselves or for someone else.

This is a very good form of investment to get an additional pension amount apart from the state pension that is added to the income at retirement age, which, in the case of a private voluntary pension, can be withdrawn 5 years before the legal retirement age.

If you are already registered and you are user of BKT SMART and Internet Branch, from the Pension Fund menu, you need to choose the pension fund plan you want to apply for and fill in the basic data required for the application process.
Administration Companies Pension
 Albsig Invest  Smart Pension Fund Prospect Rruga Barrikadave, Pallati Albsig, Kati 8, Tirana 1001

Phone: +355 42254764
Email: info@albsiginvest.al

Below you will find video tutorials how to use the pension fund menu in BKT Smart.

How to open a pension fund in BKT Smart?


How to send pension funds through BKT Smart?


How to verify the pension fund data and add funds through BKT Smart?