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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

BKT gives special attention to the development and emancipation of the Albanian society.

Apart from environment projects, in which BKT has an excessive engagement, the activities that add value to the development of society are in the focus of BKT. The contribution toward that part of society who is isolated and constitutes a vivid life reality is one of the sectors where BKT has continuously contributed.

We have always seen the contribution to the marginalized segments as crucial towards the building of a healthy Society. Moreover, being aware of the lack of capacities of state institutions, BKT has supported many public institutions with providing better work conditions and increasing capacity building.

Except this category BKT has paid attention to the education of the society. In this framework it has sponsored the education programs and has stimulated the best students with annual scholarships. A special importance is given to the finance and economics students. BKT is also a partner in developing the Master programs in the University of Tirana, and has sponsored in setting up of the university library and supports the best students with scholarships. Pursuing this initiative, BKT will contribute to satisfy the students’ needs for better studying environments. BKT is strongly engaged on the FASTIP project in collaboration with “AleksanderMoisiu” Durres University, introducing in this way an innovative collaboration between the banking sector and the educational institutions. Pursuing this initiative BKT will contribute to improve studying areas in order that the Albanian students be on the same line with the students in other countries.