Step Up Deposit

Deposit with progressive interest every 6-months

If you are considering to invest in deposit, but also having the flexibility to withdrawal without losing the earned interest, then the best solution is Step Up Deposit, with progressive interests every 6-months and possibility on withdrawing of earned interest.

You can choose to open the newest product in BKT, STEP UP Deposit, only in Lek,Euro,US Dollar or GB Pound currencies.

  • Step Up Deposit is offered for a maturity period of 2 years,
  • The Interest rates that you will benefit from your deposit are predefined at the time of your investment and your returns will not be affected by changes of market interest rates.
  • Interest is benefited every 6 months term and there is no obligation to return back even if the deposit is withdrawn before the 2 year term. 

Step Up Deposit is not automatically renewed. If you want to renew the deposit you should invest in a new contract with the applicable interest rates in the investment date.

Based on the law "For Deposit Insurance" no. 53/2014 dated 22.05.2014, accounts and deposits in BKT are insured up to the amount 2,500,000 (two million five hundred thousand) ALL from the Deposit Insurance Agency –