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Costless remedy found for COVID-19?!

Costless remedy found for COVID-19?!

There are several good news about vaccine for Covid 19, but it is clear that there will be no solution in short term. We will continue to follow the figures of pandemic and we will be grateful if we are not part of this figures. The only applicable actions until the next step are: keeping distance, wearing mask and washing hands as precautions. In order to mitigate risk, we have to decrease physical interaction and we should postpone some social events like birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, social gatherings etc. They are all worthy recommendations, but we have started to get bored of listening same things again and again.

Where is the real cure? Should we eat turshi? Or should we use black seed oil? Or the garlic is offering miracle for Covid? What about Vitamin D or C and their ability to fight with Covid? We don’t know yet. All of them is still speculations until they will be proved by scientists. They may be helpful to strength immunity but they are just complementary suggestions.

But I have explored really effective precautions which are not related with diet but they are related with lifestyle. It looks like an exercise but you are not spending any efforts. All you need are 10 fingers or even sometimes only 1 thumb. It is scientifically proved.  It is “digital”.  😊 I would prefer to invent a vaccine or medicine but unfortunately, I can just pray for the people fighting against Covid 19.

In many areas of the daily life, digital usage can be a strong alternative to be away from the viruses. Meetings, education, banking services etc can be handled in digital environment although there are some deficiencies in terms of service content. Banking services are the most ready and complete services in comparison to other areas of the daily life due to high investments on technology from banking sector. Most of the banking transactions can be done via Mobile banking or internet banking without human interaction. As we all know, visiting a branch, by walking or driving until to branch, waiting in the queue (during these days even outside of the bank branches) and doing the transaction is really boring, time consuming, costly and risky during the pandemic. Especially for the simple transactions is really worthless.

As a BKT customer, I am using BKT Smart. Through the application I can perform a variety of transactions where except international money transfers and foreign currency transfers, the rest is free of charge. I am thinking that what I receive for free in my life, is simply fresh air and love from my family; I have to pay for the rest and that is why I love BKT. When my brother sends me money from Germany, I don’t need to go to any exchange offices, exchange rates are similar or sometimes better than exchange offices in BKT’s digital channels.  I can use my debit card to withdraw money with automatic exchange and I can use this card everywhere as contactless. Even ATMs are accepting money for deposit, or for doing other transactions, but I am using wet wipes before using ATMs or only my little finger to avoid any potential infection. Even though banks are being cleaned with disinfectants, it is not enough for me!  I can recharge my mobile phone and gain free Giga-s or even pay all my utility bills from mobile. Indeed, it might be better to pay automatically by using direct debit but I am not preferring to pay all the bills of my family, because it is better to get money from my father and pay via Smart way 😉

My mission is to train people on using digital banking. My first student is my father. The first lesson was related to how he can access BKT Smart Business and then I taught him how to pay tax by scanning barcode via BKT Smart. It is quite easy and free for his minimarket. Each of us feels in a really good mood when we finish our duty within some seconds and without cost. I think it may also strengthen the immunity 😊

There is a prejudice that digital banking can be used only by young generation. It is not true. I have trained my father who is 62 years old and he is showing off to his friends how he uses digital banking. He is using BKT Smart and he is depositing money through ATM in order not keep money inside the shop when he closes it.

It is a reality that adaptation of old generation is taking more time, but it doesn’t change the necessity of digital banking for all people. Being digital is inevitable, and considering the recent events, it is even healthier for all of us.


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