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How to save money during home renovation?

How to save money during home renovation?

You are planning to renovate your home because you have several years and the furnishings are outdated, or your toilet is liking, and everything is too emergent, then keep in mind a few points to exceed the amounts that your pocket can permit.

Set a budget

You will think that it is not so simple to set up a budget, but before you start renovation, do a few studies on price values in the market. You can find information by visiting retail locations near your cities or you can find pricing information on the official websites of various companies that sell the products you are interested in.

List the products you want to buy with an average price for each product without forgetting on this list the cost of the peoples who will work in your home.

However, for each unexpected expensive you can set a reserve budget approximately 10-15% of the total cost of the price list you have built.

Plan where you will find the money.

Once you have evaluated the budget then it is important to determine where you are going to find the money.

You can spend your money that you have set as a deposit in the bank, but keep in mind that after the renovation you will not have the money and of course it is not so easy to save again, meantime you have lost the interests you would have win from this deposit. Therefore you can get a loan where you can put up your deposit as guarantee and with the completion of the loan you have both your money and the renovated house.

Renew Partially

Purchases goes in a lower cost if you invest immediately, by buying them wholesale of course each trader would offer you discounts, but keep in mind that when you start the process do not make the whole house as a construction place, that will take you more time and will cause you more stress if you do not have another place to stay without even spending in a temporary renting space. Start from the more emergency space finish it and continue with the next space.

Make as much as you can

This advice is especially to those who think they are not handy for renovation work, but keep in mind that everything is cost. If you think you cannot lying tiles or making electrical works, here you are right, but you can remove the garbage without having to pay someone to do this, or you can transport the materials with your car by saving transportation cost.

Reuse some of the materials

If you have a liking toilet, but it comes from the pipeline and not from the shower cabin, you may consider using it again after piping.

Meanwhile, if you are renovating the living area because the furniture is outdated or damaged then you may think that to sell them to the used items market, even this is a reuse option.

Wait for the discount period

There are certain seasons that have discounts and these can save you a lot of money in large investment cases. Meanwhile, BKT mainly with the Credit Card product during the discount season makes offers that can bring other benefits for example the selection of instalment payments with 0% or eXtra bonus benefits etc.

Choose classic products

Those new tiles that are recently fashioned in dark colours are very beautiful! They may be beautiful and trendy but the problem is that the black ones can let the trail of water all times. Also, the dark colours are eye fatigues so it would not be better to choose a lighter colour that can be ease cleaned and be somewhat more pleasing to the eye in order not to get you back the desire to renovate the tiles once again next year.

Choose products that save energy

Though they may be more expensive than the standard products that have come out on offer, in the long run will bring lower costs for you. So we suggest products that save energy and moreover BKT offers "Green Credit" which is dedicated to the purchase of energy-saving products.

However, at the moment you want to make renovations that change the structure of the house do not forget to get the respective permission in the municipality.

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