Super Salary

1. Account - Super Salary

  • Free opening
  • Super Salary current account without maintenance commission
  • Automatic payment of bills without commission
  • Periodic order payments to any BKT account without commission
  • ATM debit card without commission
  • Free online and POS shopping with debit card
  • Free debit card deposits and withdrawals at Super or Smart ATMs 
  • Up to 3 salary overdraft or credit card
  • Superloan for salary paid customer
  • Notifications in BKT smart without commission
  • Branch withdrawal

               o for amounts above the daily ATM withdrawal limit - no charge

               o for amounts up to the daily ATM withdrawal limit - 100 ALL commission

Insured by DIA (Deposit Insurance Agency) for free.

2. Debit Card - ATM

  • Maestro or Visa Electron
  • Free printing
  • Free usage
  • Free POS payment
  • Free website payment
  • Link to 1 primary account + 3 optional secondary accounts
  • Free automatic card / PIN reprinting

Actions you can perform in BKT's Smart ATM network:

  • Fast/normal withdrawal in ALL and EUR for free
  • Checking the account status at any time for free and sending it to the E-mail address
  • Checking the last transactions of the account and sending them for free to the E-mail address
  • Change your card PIN as desired and free of charge
  • Change of E-mail at any time for free
  • Recharge your mobile from BKT ATMs anywhere in Albania 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (option to activate a package)
  • Free mobile top-up with card or without card
  • Withdrawal from the credit card within the predetermined limit for Cash withdrawal.
  • Pay your credit card for free
  • Payment of another credit card (BKT)
  • Daily withdrawal limit up to 75,000 ALL
  • Deposit in ALL and EURO currencies (up to 950,000 ALL/ 5,000 EUR daily limit for each currency) for free
  • Withdrawal without card (with Unique Code) for free (Daily Limit 10,000 ALL/ Monthly Limit 100,000 ALL)
  • Viewing the Exchange Rate
  • Unlimited number of transactions

3. Credit Card - PRIMA

  • MasterCard or Visa, Classic or Gold
  • Total limit up to 3 salaries including Overdraft limit (max. 1,000,000 ALL, 7,000 EUR to the corresponding collateral)
  • Free printing
  • 0 maintenance fee for the 1st year
  • Free POS payment
  • Free website payment
  • Repayment period up to 40 days
  • Minimum amount payment 25%
  • Full payment of the monthly bill with 0% interest
  • Free automatic card / PIN reprinting

Actions with PRIMA at BKT POS:

  • Premium installments: payment options from 2 to 12 installments. 0% interest deal.
  • Prima Extra: benefit from bonuses that go up to 10% of the purchase.
  • Free Bonus: participation in the lottery that selects 10 winners per month

Actions with PRIMA at BKT ATMs:

  • Verification and printing of card limits for free
  • Verification and printing of the last invoice free of charge
  • Withdrawal (advance) up to 10% of the limit
  • PIN change as desired and free of charge


4. Bank Advance (Overdraft)

  • Limit up to 3 net salaries with Credit Card (max. 500,000 ALL, 5,000 EUR, 5,000 USD)
  • Preferential interest BTH+9% or BTH+11%, Euribor+10%, Libor+13%
  • Free application
  • Free disbursement
  • Transfer (purchase bank advance) from other banks with the same conditions
  • No warranty required

5. Individual loans

  • Super Loan
  • Car loan
  • Collaterized consumer loan
  • Home Improvement Loan
  • Home loan without collateral - Zero level
  • Home Loan/ House Construction
  • Shop Loan
  • Cash collateral loan
  • Preferential and competitive terms and conditions.
  • Transfer (credit purchase) from other banks with optimal conditions.

6. Deposit

  • Time deposits
  • Elastic Deposits
  • Deposit Record
  • Deposit Matrushka
  • Step UP deposit

Insured by DIA (Deposit Insurance Agency) for free.

7. Deposit My Child

  • Periodic monthly payment from the salary account
  • Interest on the daily balance
  • Maintenance without commission
  • Account withdrawal without commission
  • Commission-free deposit
  • Bonus for every new account opened in the month of the child's birth

Insured by DIA (Deposit Insurance Agency) for free.

8. Direct Debit (authorization for automatic bill payment)

  • FSHU
  • One Albania
  • Vodafone
  • Digicom
  • UKT
  • UKD
  • UKKO
  • UKV

All automatic bill payments are free.


9. Payment

  • Invoices
  • Traffic Police fine
  • Customs Obligations
  • Tuition fee payment
  • Payment to the General Directorate of Taxes
  • Payment to Budgetary Institutions
  • Credit card payment
  • Booking & payment of insurance policies (motor, property, health and travel health)
  • Pay TV subscription

All these payments are made free of charge by the "Internet" branch and BKT Smart.

10. Mobile top-up (at the "Internet" branch, BKT Smart and ATM)

  • One Albania
  • Vodafone

All these payments are made free of charge

11. "Internet" Branch

  • Registration from the BKT website, free of charge
  • Free to use
  • 24 hour service.

12. BKT Smart (telephone banking application)

  • Registration from the BKT Smart application, free
  • Free to use
  • 24 hour service.


13. Branch service

  • 58 branches in Albania are open from Monday to Friday, 08:30-15:00.
  • BKT offers service 6 days a week at the following times: 11.30–18.00 on weekdays and 09.00–15.30 on Saturdays in the branches inside Kristal Center and Concord Center in Tirana
  • 1 Customs Agency in the Port of Durrës offers service 7 days a week 09:00-16:30 weekdays including Saturday, Sunday 09:00-13:30
  • 1 Forex at Tirana Airport open 7 days a week 24 hours.

14. 24/7 service

  • 123 ATMs in Albania where you can deposit cash in all our ATMs.
  • Internet Banking
  • BKT Smart (telephone banking application)
  • Call Center