Vienna, Austria (15 January 2020) – On 14 -15 January 2020 Euromoney Conferences, The Central & Eastern European Forum returned to Vienna this January for its 25th anniversary, bringing together top-level investors, business leaders, policymakers, financiers and regulators.

Banka Kombëtare Tregtare, sponsored and organized for the fourth year, a special roundtable dedicated to Albania in this Forum, an event hosted by Mr. Seyhan Pencablıgil, BKT CEO and Board Member, with the participation of Minister of Finance and Economy Mrs. Anila Denaj, State Minister of Diaspora Mr. Pandeli Majko, Governor of Bank of Albania Mr. Gent Sejko, and Chairman of Balfin Group Mr. Samir Mane.

Mr. Pencablıgil, during his opening speech stated that this year’s topic is about “Albanians Going International.” One would associate Albanians with the idea of being immigrants to other countries, but we hope to emphasize during this session the need to change our perception on them: Albanians are not living only in foreign countries as immigrants but have also assimilated well in the new culture and become successful entrepreneurs and citizens over the years.”

Governor Sejko emphasized that Albania is at the forefront of “internationalization” and has plenty of potential to exploit:  therefore, the Albanians within the borders, as well as the Albanian diaspora must support to achieve this success in the future. To ensure rapid and sustainable long-term growth, he added, Albania needs to further enhance its competitiveness and expand markets across borders, including movement of goods, services, capital and labor. Expanding abroad and integrating into international markets presents a challenge but at the same time an opportunity for our country.

Chairman of BALFIN Group, Mr. Samir Mane, shared with the panel his history of success. Mr. Mane is one of the pioneers from Albania to relocate in a foreign country as an immigrant and start investing abroad. He has over the years become an active participant in the economic growth and development of the country and the region. His success with BALFIN Group offers the Albanian and regional markets a solid benchmark to be followed.

Minister Majko contributed further on this topic and explained the role of remittances in the development of both the public and private sector of the country. For this reason, the government is incentivized on establishing close cooperation with members of the Diaspora and creating mechanisms such as the establishment of the Diaspora Business Chamber in November 2019, to promote and support the investment capital of successful Diaspora businessmen in the country.

Mrs. Denaj, made a short brief of Albania’s economy in recent years. She presented the audience with the reforms that the government is undertaking to contribute in the growth of trade exchanges between Albania and other countries and also the growth of foreign investments in Albania. These reforms have been the key behind the stability of the public finances since 2013.

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