BKT Introduces the New Loan Guarantee Agreement signed between BKT and Municipality of Tirana
Within the framework of expanding the cooperation with Local Government and the corporate social responsibility, aiming at contributing in the economic development, increasing the employment and enlarging the customer base, BKT has signed  New Loan Guarantee Agreement with Municipality of Tirana. 
This guarantee program consists in Tirana Municipality’s offering of a fund of 100 million ALL, as a fund with the function of guaranteeing the credit risk of micro, small and medium enterprises in the levels from 10% up to 50%. These loans, apart from being offered at a very preferential price level – 5% and 5.5%, will be provided not only to the existing businesses and the start-ups, but also to the nonlicensed businesses which intend to formalize their activities, with the pre-condition of their legal registration prior to the loan disbursement. 
Through this Program, BKT intends to:

  • Increase the economical development of the city of Tirana;
  • Increase its number of clients by reaching some 450 micro, small and medium enterprises included in this program;
  • Contribute in the increase of employment;
  • Offer competitiveness and innovation within this program’s framework , which creates collateralized or noncollateralized crediting opportunities, addressing one of the most important problems of crediting.


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