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Tirana, Albania (April 11, 2013) – In the framework of economy lending and mitigation on the challenges affords faced nowadays by the business, Banka Kombetare Tregtare has launched many new products for the financial support of business’ objective realization.  In this line, the latest product offered is Cheque Collateralized Loan, presented during the seminar held in Tirana with subject “Cheque Usage Alternatives”. 

During his speech, the Chief Executive Office and Board Member of BKT Mr Seyhan Pencabligil highlighted that: “Generally Albanians are very open-minded for innovations and progressive developments. Albanian traders should leave aside the exchange trade product-by-product and should start to adapt on contemporary payment instruments.  This will affect positively not only the business progress but also the economic development in general and banking system in particular.” 

The usage of the cheque as a payment instrument largely affects the convenience and formalization of supplier-customer relations. The knowledge and protection of the cheque by the legal frame as a payment instrument, makes it one of the most secure and guaranteed mode of payment. The innovation in the cheque usage of BKT, except its classical usage, is also the possibility of using the cheque as a collateral for short-term credit needs in a very short period of time.  Hence, the business benefits the quick liquidity without any unpredictable additional cost.  

BKT is the second largest bank and the oldest bank in Albania, having a total asset value of 2.3 billion USD and a total deposit of 1.9 billion USD.  BKT network includes 83 branches, out of which 59 are located in Albania and 24 in Kosova, becoming the largest Albanian bank in the region.  Lately, BKT has been awarded as “Best Bank in Albania for the year 2012” by the pre-eminent British magazine Euromoney magazine and also assigned a credit rating of AAA (ALB) by JCR Eurasia Rating, the highest possible rating taken by any Albanian bank.


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