assigned 86.03 (AAA (Alb)/Distinctive) points out of 100 for the overall level of compliance with the Albanian Corporate Governance Code and the regulations.
The grade assigned to BKT signifies a Distinctive Level of Compliance with the principles of the code and its Notch degree to the level a/Excellent. This rating taken in conjunction with the initial reports published in October 2012, 2013 and 2014 make JCR Eurasia believe that the overall compliance level attained by BKT will be maintained during the 12 month monitoring period. In this regard, the Outlook of the Bank has been determined as “Stable”.
In this report BKT has increased the score of “Public Disclosure and Transparency” due to its transparent website with respect to corporate governance and the publication of the first eco-friendly annual report. This increase in the transparency has positively affected the Bank’s overall compliance note. 
JCR Eurasia Rating is the Eurasian affiliate of Japan Credit Rating Agency, one of the most prestigious rating agencies in the world. 
Banka Kombëtare Tregtare is the first Albanian company that has been evaluated by an international financial institution regarding Corporate Governance.


Tirana, Albania (10 July, 2015) - Euromoney Magazine has recognized BKT, as “The Best Bank in Albania for 2015” in its annual Awards for Excellence that took place in London on July 9, 2015. This is the fourth time in a row that BKT receives this most respected award in the financial service industry. The award was received by BKT’s Chairman Mr. Mehmet Usta.
During the ceremony the Chairman Mr. Usta emphasized that: “Once again BKT has proven to be the Best Bank in Albania. We are proud that our consistent growth, sustainable profitability, innovative products and customer service have not gone unnoticed. We are leaders in Albania in all major indicators such as total assets, net profit, equity, deposits and retail lending and we are willing to demonstrate the same succes story in the region. As long as we implement our growth strategy in line with our vision, we will keep being The Best and the Largest Bank in the Albanian banking system. The key of our success lays in our deep and thorough comprehension of Albania, its people and their needs and adapting our vision and strategy in line with this comprehension. Considering BKT as a priceless asset for Albania has led towards earning people’s trust, which has resulted crucial in our continuous growth.I congratulate all our employees for their tremendous efforts.”
Euromoney is among the top financial publications in the world. For more than 20 years, the magazine evaluates the global banking systems and asset markets. “The Best Bank in Albania” award, which BKT is receiving for the fourth consecutive time, confirms the position of the Bank as innovative, financially strong and leader within the Albanian Banking system. The award comes right after a similar evaluation by the other two prestigious magazines, The Banker and EMEA Finance, which awarded BKT as the Best Bank in Albania.
BKT has a total asset value of 2.6 billion USD and total deposits of 2 billion USD. Established in 1925, BKT is the oldest commercial Bank in Albania which provides its services with a network of 89 branches, out of which 63 are located in Albania and 26 in Kosova.  

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