Automatic Bill Payments

Automatic Bill Payments

BKT has agreement and offers this service for ALBtelecom, Telekom, OSHEE, UKT, UKD, UKKO, UKV, Vodafone & DigitAlb (with instalments).

Instead of paying bills each month, you may authorize BKT to do it for you, through direct debit. By coming only one time in one of our branches or by entering in “Internet” Branch, you may authorize direct debit for the bills you want. For this service, BKT offers the chance:

  • to choose payment date
  • to fix a maximum limit
  • to set an expiry date (or duration period)
  • to get an e-mail notification for bill payment
  • etc.

In case you do not have enough money in account, and in case your bill is delayed,  direct debit will be postponed to the next day, up to the last payment day for the Operator:
31* for Albtelecom, OSHEE, ALBtelecom & UKD
28* for UKT & UKKO
20* for Telekom
3(of the next month) Vodafone

*if this date is holiday, last payment date will be the previous working day.

For DigitAlb the amount to be paid is prepaymant of the next month instalments


  • Save your time,
  • Make payments in time and without delays,
  • Avoid the long queues,
  • Get rid of the stress of bill to be paid,
  • No more penalties,
  • Get everything solved once for all,
  • And, you have the right to apply and give up this service at any time.