Traffic Fine Payments | Banka Kombetare Tregtare

Traffic Fine Payments

Through our 24 hour service in Dega "Internet" on in our application BKT Smart you can:

  • Check your vehicle fines using your plate and chassis number,
  • Pay the fine with no commission and instantly remove your fine from the police system,

Also you get:

  • A free fine nottification regarding your vehicle (upon first registration in our system) ,
  • 20 % discount of the fine, according to the Traffic Code of the Republic of Albania, for payments within 5 days from the traffic fine date.

Online payment of traffic fines is also offered in all branches of BKT by presenting the fine notice or the driving license. In this case the payment is due to bank commissions as per our terms & conditions.

For payments after 5 days from fine date, the payment includes interest, which can go up to 60%, according to the Traffic Code of the Republic of Albania.