Updating Personal Data

Why do I have to update my personal data in bank?

  • To enable accurate identification.
  • To serve better and faster by bank staff.
  • To enable continuous communication with the bank.
  • To enable the use of new technologies
  • To ensure a continuous relations and benefit from personalized bank product offers.

How can I update my data?

By visit your nearest branch with your ID: Passport or valid ID card

Through Online Channels: In the Internet Branch or BKT Smart you can change: mailing address or e-mail address.

What data should I update?

Your identification data and contact information that may have changed such as: Passport / ID card, mobile phone number, e-mail address, mailing address etc.

When should I update my personal data?

It is recommended that you confirm or update the data declared to the bank at least once a year, as well at the time you will have any changes in your personal data.

For more details see the awareness video from the Albanian Association of Banks at THIS link.