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Product description

For many of us, buying a residential property is one of the most important decisions and sometimes the biggest financial transaction that can be made in life and can completely change the standards of living.

Through mortgage loans, it is intended to meet the personal needs of individuals for the purchase, construction or reconstruction of a residential property.

But not everyone can buy a house with their own funds!

Now BKT enables home loans with financing up to 100% of the investment value!

Fantastic interest rate and super-fast approval.

Apply at BKT branches and you will fulfill your dream of owning your own home!

General information

Second level banks use as a base interest for the calculation of the loan interest rate formula the 1 Year Treasury Bill rate.
"Treasury bills" - is a negotiable debt instrument with a maturity of up to one year, issued and guaranteed by the Government of the Republic of Albania. Treasury bills are issued in the national currency (Lek) and have maturities of 3, 6 and 12-month.
Treasury bill 1-year interest rate dt. 28.02.2023 is 4.28%
“Euribor” is a reference rate published by the European Institute of Money Markets, based on the average interest rates at which Eurozone banks offer to lend unsecured funds to other banks in the interbank market.
Euribor interest rate dt. 28.02.2023 is 3.68 %

Terms and Conditions

Product Type  Financing Criteria Loan Amount / Collateral Open Market Value Interest Rates for ALL Currency Interest Rate for EUR Currency
Home Loan – Type of Collateral offered
(Apartment/Land and Building) in the name of the borrower/co-borrower
80% Salary Paid Customers:
2.5% fixed for the first year then 1 Y T-Bill + 1.5% not less than 2.5% (changing each 12 months)
Standard Customer:
3% fixed for the first year then 1 Y T-Bill + 2% not less than 3%
(changing each 12 months)
Salary Paid Customers:
3% fixed for the first year then 1 Y Euribor + 2.5% not less than 3.5% (changing each 12 months)
Standard Customer:
3.5% fixed for the first year then  1Y Euribor + 3% not less than 4%
(changing each 12 months)
Home loan – Collateral different from credit object 75%
House Construction Loan 75%
House Loan - Collateral same with credit object 81%-100% The Interest Rate will be 1% higher than the rate that belongs to the customer category as the customer is categorized (Currency ALL and Euro)
For collateral type Agricultural Land, the Loan to Value Criteria cannot be higher than 50%.
Loan Term Up to 25 Years for ALL Currency

Up to 25 Years for Euro Currency
Maximum Loan Amount Up to 50,000,000 ALL / EUR 400,000
Loan Disbursement Commission 1% of loan amount

0% Purchase of Loan from other banks (only in cases when the contract of the   loan to be purchased contains early repayment commission.)
The customers may choose to have life insurance premium or to take a higher interest rate of the loan. In case he chooses the latter, options are:

If the customer is up to 45 years old, IR will be 0.5% higher
If the customer is over 45 years old, IR will be 1% higher

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