1. What are the Bank conditions and what documentation are needed for Overdraft?

For further information on the product terms and conditions and all the required documents click at the Link below:

2. Can I profit overdraft if I am not salary paid customer of BKT?

The customers who can profit an Overdraft are those who take/withdraw regularly their salary through BKT.

3. In what currency can I profit the Overdraft?

The currency of the overdraft can be as follows: ALL, EUR, USD. The overdraft will be taken in the same currency of the applicant’s salary in BKT.

4. Which is maximum limit of the Overdraft?

The maximum limit of the Overdraft is the limit of three net salaries of customers, but not more than 500,000 ALL, 5,000 EUR or 5,000 USD.

5. Which is the maximum term for overdraft usage?

The limit of the overdraft will remain opened as long as the customer withdraws/profit salary in BKT.

6. How much work experience should I have to profit an Overdraft?

If you are employed in public sector, you need at least 6 months employed in the same position. If you are employed in private sector, you need minimum 1 year employed in the same position. In each case customer should have minimum employer experience duration of at least 1 year.

7. How is calculated the interest of the Overdraft?

The bank will calculate the interest based on the used amount of OVD and for how long it is used. If the limit of OVD is approved but it is not used during the month, then bank does not apply any interest for this product. If it is used, the interest will be calculated at the end of the month and will be charged on date 01 of the next month.

8. How can I liquidate the overdraft obligation?

The usage of the overdraft product debits the account of the customer. Every payment in customer account reduces the usage of overdraft. The customer can choose to use overdraft again by increasing the usage up to limit approved by bank. Or customer can choose to liquidate the overdraft by depositing the used amount plus calculated interests until closing. For the latter, customer should go to the branch where has opened overdraft.