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Vienna, Austria (21 January, 2016) – On 19-20 January 2016, Euromoney Conferences gathered over 1,200 delegates in Vienna in the 21st installment of its Central and Eastern Europe Forum. This forum brings together the region's Central Bankers, Finance Ministers and other leading personalities in the area of politics, economy and finance.
The Forum was an excellent opportunity for the central European policy makers to gather and share insights, as well as discuss key issues that can potentially affect the region for the year ahead. Policymakers and corporate leaders took this opportunity to meet with investors from inside and outside the region. 
The format of the Forum consisted of a number of panels during which participants discussed on the latest economic and financial development. The panel of central bank governors from the Central and Eastern European countries on “Monetary Policy Debate" was of particular importance.
During the forum, in order to present Albania and its potentials for the foreigns invesment opportunities, BKT organized for the first time after 10 years, the Albania Roundtable which consisted of the Governor of Bank of Albania, Mr. Gent Sejko, the Deputy Minister of Finance, Mr. Erjon Luci, the Manager for the Western Balkan Countries, IFC- World Bank, Mr. Thomas Lubeck and BKT CEO and Board Member, Mr Seyhan Pencabligil. During the roundtable, Mr Pencabligil made a short overview on Albania, its banking system and finacial situation and the challenges that the country is facing. 
The Governor, Mr. Sejko, emphasised the importance of foreign direct investments for the country's economic development. Regarding the developments in the Albanian banking system, he stated that the financial indicators show that the banking system is sound, resilient to shocks and capable to contribute to Albania's economic development. The Governor also presented to the roundtable the inter-institutional plan of the Bank of Albania and the Government of Albania to reduce the level of non-performing loans, which are expected to help further reduce the level of non-performing loans and to boost lending. 
Mr. Luçi presented the actions that the Government has been taking and is willing to take in order to boost the economic growth, as well as create the proper environment for the foreign direct investments. 
Mr. Lubeck compared Albania’s situation to the other countries in the region and  analyzed the position that Albania is currently holding in the “Doing Business Report” issued by the World Bank in cooperation with IFC. 
Furthermore, the financial institutions from Albania who attended the conference had a great opportunity to meet with the representatives of several financial institutions from different countries in order to exchange views about current financial situations in their markets, and to set up business relationships.

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