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BKT Smart Notification

BKT Smart Notification

BKT comes with the new service “BKT Smart Notifications” offered for all application users on the below transactions:

  1. Cash Deposit
  2. Direct Debit
  3. Transfers within BKT
  4. Transfers from BKT Kosovo
  5. Transfers from other Banks in Albania
  6. Purchases in POS in Albania
  7. Purchases in POS out of Albania
  8. Online purchases
  9. Automatic Payment of Credit Cards from others
  10. Salary Payment
  11. Cash withdrawal from BKT AMT-s or from other banks, inside and outside the country.

This service is offered for free and will help clients to be informed in real time for all transaction types listed above.
Text messagges will be personalized and the client can select the notification type as per its preferences through the proper menu in  “Internet Branch”.

At the same time on “Internet Branch” the client can see up to 100 latest notifications sent.