Pensioner Loan

Personal Loan to Pensioners

Product information

Your Retirement day, which you thought it would be so far, is at the door, but this does not mean that dreams will retire with you. Now, time and ideas are not an issue. Projects and ideas should not be postponed.

If the savings are not enough, the Personal Loan to Pensioners will support you.

All pensioners that withdraw the monthly pension through BKT can profit a Personal Loan.

Terms and conditions of the Loan      
Currency ALL
Maximum loan amount Up to 10 times the monthly pension but not more 250,000Leke
Maximum maturity Up to 5 years
Interest rate begins from/td> 16%


Surety of the spouse and a person that have regular
incomes from employment and is not in retirement age.

For further information on the product terms and conditions click at the pre-contractual standardized information letter below.

Please download the respective documents requested for Personal loans to pensioners. 

Please download the pre-contractual standardized information letter.