What is Para Xhepi-Pocket Money?

All BKT customers equipped with a BanKomaT debit card in addition to the ability to withdraw cash from ATM-s has the possibility of withdrawing cash from the POS. Very simply and very fast, you only need to make a purchase with the BKT BanKomaT debit card at POS BKT and at the same time ask the cashier to withdraw Money Pocket

How to Benefit Para Xhepi-Pocket Money?

For every purchase through POS worth over 500 ALL, The Merchant can offer you Money Pocket by allowing you as a cardholder to withdraw up to 5,000 ALL from the merchant's Cashier. Buying and Pocket Money transaction is performed as a single transaction during the purchase transaction

  • The dealer initially decides in POS the amount of goods that you will purchase
  • Confirmed and then debit card is placed
  • ON POS screen you may see the message that asks: If you need pocket money (cashback).
  • Confirm and set the amount of pocket money you want to withdraw (always multiples of 1,000 ALL).
  • Insert the card pin and the transaction ends.