Cash withdrawal commissions

  • Cash withdrawal at BKT ATM – Free of charge
  • Cash withdrawal at non BKT ATM (inside or out of the country) – 2% of the amount (min 450 ALL)
  • Cash back withdrawal in POS – Free of Charge

*Valid only in merchants who offer this service

Purchase commissions

  • Purchase at BKT POS – Free of charge
  • Purchase at non BKT POS (inside or out of the country) – Free of charge
  • Purchase MO/TO (telephone order/mail order) – Free of charge
  • Purchase on Internetit – Free of charge

* If the Merchant or the receiving entity categorizes the action as withdrawal and not as a purchase, it will be apply the withdrawal terms and conditions.

Commission for balance verification in ATM

  • Verifying balance in BKT-ATM – Free of charge

Commission for PIN change in ATM

  • Changing PIN in BKT ATM – Free of charge
  • Changing PIN in other bank’s ATM– is not offered

Commissions for re-printing Card / PIN

  • Automatic card re-print– Free of charge
  • Automatic PIN re-print – Free of charge
  • Reprinting card + PIN by request – 700 ALL
  • Reprinting PIN by printed copy – 350 ALL
  • Reprinting PIN by SMS – 200 ALL

Annual Commission

  • Annual Commision – Free of charge


  • Limit for withdrawl in ATM – 75,000 Lek / daily
  • Daily limit for internet purchases – 70’000 Lek (Max. 5 transactions)
  • Monthly limit for internet purchases – 140’000 Lek