About BanKomat

BanKomaT Cards:

BanKomat is a debit card offered by BKT, linked to your personal account, providing a full access to your money anytime and anywhere.

BKT in cooperation with well-known international payment companies as Mastercard and VISA, offers these debit cards known in the global market as, Debit MasterCard and VISA Electron, delivered directly into your hands under the name BanKomaT Debit MasterCard Contactless and BanKomaT VISA Electron.

BanKomaT Card is a new wallet in your pocket offering cash safety and comfortable usage. BanKomaT offers the possibility to withdraw cash from ATM 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, possibility to purchase in all points of sale (POS) or internet all over the world, where logo of MasterCard / Visa is displayed.

It’s not necessary to withdraw CASH for purchases or expenditures, as you can directly pay with your card in each store, agency, supermarket, bar, restaurant, fuel, hotel, etc. with BKT POS or any other banks. BanKomaT Debit card is also used for internet purchases as BKT offers 3D secure service providing maximum safety for each online transaction.

BanKomaT Card can be used to withdraw ALL or Euro from all BKT ATM, not only by the account connected with the cards, but also from 3 other accounts in one of the following currencies LEK, EUR, USD, CHF and GBP.

You can check your balance account and verify each transaction shown in your account statement, having a full control for the expenditures.


  • FREE Printing;
  • FREE usage;
  • Practical, fast and easy usage;
  • Your money is Safe and Comfortable;
  • Access in your account 24 hours a day 7 days a week;
  • Internet purchase at the highest safety – 3D Secure;
  • CASH withdraw in ATM worldwide wherever logo of Maestro and Visa Electron is displayed.
  • CASH IN in ALL and EUR for all BKT BanKomaT with the logo of Super BanKomaT
  • Possibility to purchase in all points of sale (POS) in Albania and outside it where Visa Electron and MasterCard Maestro logos are displayed.
  • 0% commission for Cash withdraw from BKT ATM;
  • 0 % commission for purchases in POS, inside or outside the country;
  • 0 % commission for purchases or internet reservations;
  • Connection with 1 main account +3 secondary accounts as desired;
  • Possibility for Cash withdraw in ALL or EUR in each BKT ATM;
  • Possibility to change the PIN anytime;
  • Possibility to check the account balance and verify each transaction shown in your account statement, having a full control for the expenditures;
  • Mobile Top Up at any moment through any BKT’s ATM in Albania.
  • Contactless features ( In total can be performed 5 contactless transactions. After that you need to pay with you card by entering the PIN and then the contactless count is reset).

Card usage and features:

CASH withdrawal: Insert the card in the ATM and then choose the preferred language (Albanian or English), enter PIN code, select the option for the transaction you want to perform (cash withdrawals, account balance, change of PIN, cash in etc.). To perform the desired transaction/s you simply follow the instructions that appear on the ATM screen.

POS Purchase: The Card is inserted in the terminal by the seller (cashier), who then completes the payment amount. Action must be confirmed by you by entering your card PIN, to proceed further with the confirmation by the bank. The seller may also require an identification document for verification. Once the transaction is successful, the seller must give your copy of the slip. If the card is used with magnetic stripe, you should also sign on the merchant slip copy.

Online Purchase – 3D Secure Verified by Visa / MasterCard: Once you confirm the purchase from the selected internet site you will follow the instructions to fill out card details and to place the order. BanKomaT cards are equipped with the latest technology of keeping CHIP & PIN information. In addition, in order to increase security for online purchases, BanKomaT has also 3D secure feature which is an additional password different then card number, PIN and CVV number.
Your card has been registered preliminary by the Bank in the 3D security service and it is not necessary that to fill in the form or personally go to a bank’s branch.
When you use your card on the Internet in participating retailers, after you fill the card data and upon finishing the card payment method, another window will appear. Meanwhile a SMS will arrive on your mobile phone, with 3D Secure one-time password, which you will enter on the required box. Verifying the phone number, you have registered in the bank is essential. The one-time authorization code will be sent to this number.

To successfully perform the process of 3D Secure please follow the steps below:

  • Choose the method of payment and enter the card data.
  • Choose “Pay” and 3D secure screen will appear, in which after verifying your mobile phone number, OTP will be required.
  • 3D Secure OTP will arrive on your mobile and you should enter it correctly in the required field.
  • Transaction is confirmed successfully.

Mobile recharge (Top UP): Insert the card into the ATM and then select the language option, enter the card PIN code, select the “Recharge” option. After that select the account to perform the recharge. Select the operator, enter the mobile phone number and relect the recharging amount. Complete the transaction by following the instruction that appear on the ATM screen and you can withdraw the invoice with the recharging details.

ATM activities with BKT BanKomaT

  • Cash withdraw in ALL or EUR - free
  • Verify and print the account statement - free
  • Mobile Top Up without commission.
  • Verify and print of latest account activity - free
  • Change of PIN - free
  • Daily limit for Cash withdraws up to 75’000 ALL
  • Limitless transaction number
  • Money deposit up to 950,000 ALL

Activities in “Internet” branch:

  • Verifying cards and accounts
  • Connecting or separating accounts form cards