Cash Collateralised Loan

Cash Collateral Loan for individual

Product information

You need some money and are thinking about breaking your deposit or your government title? There is a solution for this issue as well. Profit from the fast procedures and don’t lose your deposit /government title interests, chose the Cash Collateral Loan of BKT.

Terms and conditions of the Loan  
Maximum loan amount Up to 90% of Deposit offered as collateral
100,000,000 ALL
1,000,000 EURO
1,000,000 USD
Maximum maturity Related with credit facility required; up to 20 years
Interest rate begins from ;ALL:*Deposit IR +1.75%
Euro / USD: *Deposit IR +2%

*Deposit Interest Rate refers to the deposit interest rate published in the Interest rate Bulletin for Deposit.

For further information on the product terms and conditions click at the pre-contractual standardized information letter below.

Please download the respective documents requested for Cash collateral loan

Please download the pre-contractual standardized information letter