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Home Equity

Product information

You are headed to start a professional career? For all the self-employed professionals, attorneys, lawyers, engineers, etc. BKT offers the Home Equity Loan that can be used for any purpose.

Apply now and profit the lowest interest rates of BKT to generate high future revenue!

Health is the most important thing in everyone’s life, without it everything else loses value. BKT, tries to relieve your financial concerns helping you with the payment of dentist bills, oculist visits, diagnostic consults or other hospital treatments.

Do you need some help to afford educational expenses abroad or in Albania? BKT aims to help you to graduate from any accredited scholar institution in Albania or abroad.

Invest now to secure the future!

... also for any personal need (to furnish your house, to purchase a vehicle, for vacations) or investment in real estate properties (house legalization expenses, purchase of land), BKT is here for you!

Terms and conditions of Home Equity Loan

Terms and conditions  
Loan Currency   ALL
Maximum loan amount   Up to 6,000,000 ALL
Maximum maturity         Up to 10 years
Interest rate starts from 1Y T-Bill + 3.2% 
Disbursement Commission starts from 1%
Financing Criteria
(Loan amount/ Open Market Value of the collateral offered)
70% (not more than total value of the expenses)
Collateral Real estate property only, considered as marketable

Please download the respective documents requested for Home Equity Loan

Please download the pre-contractual standardized information letter