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Home Improvement

Product information

There is always a need to improve something at home, to make an extension, to buy new furniture or to solve different problems related to its maintenance.

The problem is that not always you have the necessary funds that you may need. The Home Improvement Loan is designed to fulfill the necessities that individuals have to improve their living premises.

Terms and conditions of the Home Improvement Loan

Terms and conditions  
Loan Currency   ALL / Euro
Maximum loan amount   Up to 12,000,000 ALL / Euro 100,000
Maximum maturity         Up to 15 years
Interest rate starts from 4% for ALL currency                                                   
3.5% for Euro currency
Disbursement Commission 1%
Financing Criteria
(Loan amount/ Open Market Value of the collateral offered)
75% (not more than total preventive value)
Collateral Real estate property only, considered as marketable (credit object is preferred)

For further information on the product terms and conditions click at the pre-contractual standardized information letter below

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 Please download  the pre-contractual standardized information letter