Compensations and Benefits

Compensation and Benefits

BKT appreciates the efforts, time and dedication that its employees put to work to reach success. Recognizing this commitment, we strongly believe that rewarding outstanding performance is paramount.

What makes BKT different in terms of an employer?

To ensure satisfaction, retention and loyalty towards its people and to contribute to their social welfare, BKT has designed many innovative schemes that differentiate it from other banks such as:

  • BKT offers Life and Personal Accident Insurance during the period of employment.
  • BKT offers attraction and promotion of young talents.
  • BKT offers home loans and other loans with facilitating conditions to its staff.
  • BKT offers Quarterly Best Branch Performance – Bonus
  • BKT offers Supplementary Salary for Vacations
  • BKT offers Health Care for the Staff providing financial and professional support inside and abroad
  • BKT Staff is entitled to benefit all the rights based on Albania's Labor Code
  • BKT supplementary benefits based on  “BKT Human Resources Policy Manual”

Paid holiday leave

  • Five business days in case of your own or your children wedding.
  • Five business days in case of close family members' death.
  • Paid sick leave in case of temporary disability, etc.
  • Five days off for the male employees in case of child's birth.