BKT Internship Opportunities

The BKT Internship Program – it’s the ideal introduction to a career with us. It’s a way of realizing your potential. It’s your chance to succeed.

The internship program is based on the agreements we reach with the most well-known universities in the country and also we welcome students graduated from best international universities. Internship program in BKT lasts from 1-3 months.

Students can apply through their university internship coordinators, or individually by submitting the below documents and meeting the criteria.

Basic Banking Internship Program

After reviewing all completed applications, the candidates who meet the criteria will be invited for an interview. The qualified candidates from interview will be selected for the Internship Program.

With the Basic Banking Internship Program, students have the opportunity to observe and learn about the banking products/services or general knowledge on unit functions for 1 month period.

Experience Banking Internship Program

The candidates that have a 3 months internship contract with the bank, after finishing 1 month Basic Banking Internship Program will have the opportunity to work for 2 other months at Experience Banking Internship Program.

The Experience Banking Internship Program offers you practical work in Head Office Departments and Branches.

Each student is assigned a mentor, who guides, supervises, shares his knowledge and expertise with them. At the end of the internship students may submit a project to the unit manager have their performance evaluation and receive feedback about the whole process.

Based on the intern performance evaluation, a recruitment pool of young interns is created for the recruitment process and vacancies that might arise.

How to apply?

The targeted pool for the internship will be the students who attend the last year of the scientific/professional master studies.

In case of application through the university, the list of students and their academic achievements is received through the internship coordinators.

To be considered for the Basic Banking Internship Program, you have to submit the following documents via e-mail at

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Transcript of marks
  • Reference from a lecturer/university

Which are the Selection Criteria?

The internship candidates will be assessed based ability to meet the following criteria:

  • Average grade above 8
  • Very good communications and interpersonal skills
  • Very good team player
  • Excellent knowledge of English language.